A New Job and An $25 Usborne Books Giveaway!

I recently got a new job. 

It’s kind of crazy really, considering that Digum’s mommy and I have been working on our crocheting/sewing business AND I homeschool the kids AND we’re expecting #4. I wasn’t actively looking for a job with the busyness of our life, with several big bumps recently… =P Continue reading

Our Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum for 2015

Boo {age ~ 5years 4months 3weeks}

Over the summer, while tutoring/summer homeschooling the children’s cousins who will soon be 1st and 2nd graders, Boo joined them. During this time, we started some of Boo’s kindergarten work.  It was mainly reading, writing and math.  I will continue most of what we have been doing during the summer, except the common core focused 1st grade math and 1st grade word problems. Summer school ends September 4th. We will take a full week off and Boo will start kindergarten on September 14th. Continue reading

We are going!

I am doubly EXCITED!  We will be going!  Continue reading

ABC in a Row – Y is for Yellow Ball

ABC - Y is for Yellow Ball-002

ladyBug {age ~ 3years 8/9weeks}

I was excited to jump into our first b4fiar row together with ladyBug.  She needed some good classic literature in her young life.  So we got our feet wet last week with our first “row,” a daily read of Good Night, Moon by Margaret Wise Brown with some simple activities found in the Before Five In A Row manual in addition to GLE and LOTW.  During the week, I gathered my supplies and planned the activities for a two week long row of The Yellow Ball by Molly Bang in combination with God’s Little Explorer and Letter of the Week activities.  Here is my thought process of combining three different curriculums.

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Homeschool Convention: Standing FIRM in Your Homeschool

I am so EXCITED!  For the past two years, I have been looking for a homeschool convention to attend.  I love attending workshops and conferences because I love learning.  I can usually learn so much in such a small place in such a short time.  And I want to go to a specific one for homeschooling for three reasons:

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Curriculum Planning – Preschool, the Scope & Sequence

150306 curriculum planning-002At the beginning of this year, I was preparing to restart homeschooling after a long holiday break.  In reflection of the earlier few months, I knew I wanted to add B4FIAR to ladyBug’s homeschool.  Boo and I loved our time rowing these books and created some wonderful memories. Continue reading

Our Homeschool Preschool Curriculum for 2015

ladyBug {age ~ 3years 8weeks}

Since ladyBug demanded to have her own school time at 18 months old, she has been learning and picking things up quite quickly. I have not been teaching her any academics.  Through her own absorbing, ladyBug started the school year already knowing and recognizing her colors, shapes, numerals, and most of her alphabet.  So during this next school year,
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