Boo turned 6-months-old! Crazy how time flew and how he’s grown. All in these past two weeks, there were many changes for us.
– Boo started spinning around in his crib while in his sleep positioner! So we stopped using the positioner. But when we stopped that, Boo got loose from his swaddling.
– So we started using his sleepsack exclusively.
– We stopped breastfeeding.
– We started eating solids.
– Boo also started sleeping trough the night, so we moved to his own bedroom.
– We also stopped rocking/holding/bouncing/walking Boo to sleep and let him figure out how to soothe himself to sleep.
– We started cloth diapering.
– Boo also started wearing his 12 month old clothes!

And what a trooper Boo has been. =D


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