So we’ve been tested cloth diapering for two weeks, before we decided to continue and which brand suited us. Several months ago, a friend mentioned gdiapers, a brand of cloth diapers, on facebook. I looked it up and it peaked my interested. Since then, I’ve been researching cloth diapers blogs, videos, and reviews. I narrowed it down to two maybe three brands. But I couldn’t know for sure which would be best. As Boo was approaching his start of solids, I researched some more and discovered an online store that had a sloth diapering trial program. Awesome! It included several brands of diapers, including the ones I was interested in, and besides the down payment, we only had to pay $10 to try for 21 days. I was psyched and brought up cloth diapers with Hubby. Since it was mainly for laundering and changing and since it would save us money in the long run, especially when we have more children, Hubby agreed tot he trial. The trial is over. The postal worker picked up my return package today, minus the ones we’re keeping. We’ve purchase our stash of cloth diapers, enough to go full time, washing every other day or so. We ended up owning 5 brands. =P But I love seeing Boo in cloth diapers and I can’t wait when it gets warmer and his fluffy behind doesn’t need to be covered up. Plus, believe or not, I enjoying washing his diapers.

Here’s Boo in his Choco Truffle FuzziBunz.

And here’s most of our stash of cloth diapers, minus the one Boo was wearing and a few in the laundry.


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