What a fun day we had at the New York Botanical Garden!  We had lunch with Hubby.  It was a BBQ with his coworkers.  Then we visited the Children Garden.  There were lots of fun kids stuff to see and to do.  Can’t wait ’til the kids can walk and run.  It would be such an great place to visit again then.
Boo sitting on a big log chair.
Digum and Boo chattin’.

Afterwards, we saw the three big pumpkins ever!! One of them weighed over 1,800lbs, the world’s record!  As expected, the kids didn’t notice the pumpkins much.

Instead, they played with the hay surrounding the pumpkins.
So more fun than pumpkins!  Hay is such interesting stuff!
We then had a snack and took a rest at the Cafe.  So surprised that Digum took her whole nap there.  Boo on the other hand didn’t.  We just ended up chilled at the cafe while Digum slept.
By then, it was time for Hubby to get off work.  With Digum still sleeping, we took some pictures with our lil’ bear.


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