I haven’t been feeling too well these past few days.  I’ve been itching to use my sick day coupon Hubby gave me for October for our 3 Year Anniversary present (2 unique coupons for each month, for one year).  Awesome present, by the way!  =D  When I yelled at Boo for crying, it made him cry even more and I knew it was time.  I called Hubby up at lunchtime and told I was redeeming my coupon for the next day.  Hubby happily accepted.

What a great day it was.  I got to sleep in AND took an extra long nap.  Hubby took care of the babies about 70% of the day, including feeding, diapering, napping, and entertaining.  In fact, I didn’t even have to change a single poopy diaper all day today.  I’ve been changed 4-5 poopy diapers Monday and Tuesday.  Hubby even bathed Boo while I was napping just because Boo smelled a little funny.  Boo was out like a light bulb at 6:30pm.  Plus, I’m feeling much better.

What a blessing of a husband! =D


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