Boo started making these adorable new sounds yesterday.  It’s so cute sounding.

He is sitting next to me early this morning in his Summer Infant Super Seat Booster/Infant Positioner - Summer Infant  - Babies"R"Us staring out the window making theses sounds.  Now why is up so crazy early?!?!? I don’t know.  In fact, he was awake at 3:30am, crying and flipped onto his belly!!!  Upon returning him back to a quiet slumber, Hubby discovered that he had leaked through his clothes.  It was only a small spot on his back, but enough to wet his bed.  Thankfully I had placed an extra layer of cloth and waterproof stuff on his bed for such a situation.  While Hubby changed Boo’s clothes and diaper, I simply took of the emergency layers, tossed it in the laundry, and added a new emergency layer.  Easy-peasy.  I went back to bed.  Several hours later, Hubby gave me a quick word before he left for work about how much Boo ate and that he had not change Boo’s diaper.  I barely registered his words, only to be awoken half an hour later by loud crying!  Boo, what’s going on?!?!?  He normally sleeps until Digum is here for a few minutes.  Oh wells… life with a baby, we can never guarantee sleep =)

By the way, our cloth diapers don’t usually leaked.  Upon checking Hubby and Boo, I saw that the diaper looked a bit loose, thus the leaking.  Cloth diapers need a good seal around the legs and waist to keep everything within.  Our diapers have only leaked when we didn’t put it on with a good fit or I didn’t prep them enough when they were new.


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