The Cloth Diaper Whisperer does a monthly photo contest of babies in their cloth diapers.  I thought I’d enter Boo since he’s such a cutie pie.  =D  November’s theme is Harvest.  So I search through Boo’s clothes to coordinate with his diapers.  There was much, but I found a pair of Babylegs that matches his butternut colored BumGenius.  Then I found a football shirt whose letters also matched.  I thought, why not, football is like fall sport anyways.  Here’s our little QB.  =)
It’s been getting chilly in NY, but surprisingly, yesterday hit the 70s.  That was exciting because I was able to photograph Boo in his diaper.  We went to the local park.  I tossed in the pumpkins we picked several weeks ago into the stroller.  The park was a sight!  Fallen leaves were everywhere!  I found a nice spot of fallen leaves without too many man-made things around, placed the pumpkins down, and positioned Boo.
I really like this picture.  It was just a shame that his diaper wasn’t visible.  He was getting tired and started not cooperating.  So we went to swings.  Digum had a blast on the swings and then in a kid-sized pile of leaves.
Here’s Boo again.  This was after his nap, back in our front yard.
I found a nice patch of grass.  After a few photos, he was
complaining again.  I don’t think he likes the grass beneath him much.
When Hubby came home, he fed Boo.  Afterwards, I kindly asked him to help with another photo shoot.  He agreed!  I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into.
Hubby placed Boo with our pumpkins again plus a squash he got from a coworker.  Boo just turned the other way and discovered our tiny patch of grass!  Of course that was more interesting than the pumpkins.
He found the squash!  We were able to take a few photos of Boo and the squash.
Then I swapped the squash with our big harvest of green tomatoes.  Boo was only briefly intrigued by them.  Then he couldn’t stop looking at the cars!  Totally ignoring us and the tomatoes.  Hahah!
Then I thought, maybe the perspective would be better with Lee laying down with the tomatoes.  Ehh…  He just felt more tired.  When he gets sleepy, he rubs or scratches his head.  That’s what he was doing while holding onto the stem of a tomato and exploring another tomato in his other hand.
I don’t know what he was looking at here, but he was super tired and getting cranky. =P
That was the end of our photo session.
The next day was a cold and dreary day.  So we stayed indoors.  After his morning nap, Boo was in great spirits.  So I tried another photo session.
He was so happy in these photos.  Too bad, diaper wasn’t showing again.  =(

For the first time ever, Boo attempted to pick up his puffs.  Then when he picked one up, he tried to put them in his mouth!!  =D  Only one success.  In the following picture, he ended up dropping the puff that was in his hand.  Good try Boo!  I’m so proud of you!

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