Sometime last night, my computer crashed?  I don’t know the correct term.  The battery ran out and it shut off.  Maybe it’s died.  For the past few weeks, the adapter had been finicky.  At certain positions, it would not charge my computer.  So I would have to twist and turn to find the right spot.  I assumed this was the case again, but to my dismay, it was not.  I twisted and turned but that little orange blinking light would not turn on.  I was upset to say the least, but Hubby brought out his laptop to hook up with our internet cable.  It works but it is frustrating when I want to work on Boo’s photos or do some work for Children’s Worship.  All my organized stuff is on my laptop!  The newest photos Hubby has of Boo is from June.  And all the CW files are mixed up and spread out through various folders.  I hope my laptop can heal soon!

My back has been hurting me for the past week.  Sharp stabbing pains at my shoulder blades.  I think it’s from poor posture when I’m reading blogs or playing tetris on the computer.  =P  I guess I should sit better… or Hubby would simply tell me to get off the computer.  One or the other.  But I really really want to get out and take walks with the babes again.  But their sleeping and eating schedules have not been cooperating with the weather.  One sleeps while the other is awake or vice versa.  And when they are both awake, one of them needs feeding or I do.  By the time we’re all fed, one of them is bound to need another nap again.  Frustrating…  Then there are those random days  when both kids are awake and all three of us are fed AND it’s raining!  Hahha!  I wonder how things will go when baby #3 starts coming.  Still don’t know exactly when that will be.  But when all three can sit up well, I really want to get a Choo Choo Wagon with a trailer.  Saw it on pyjammy’s blog.  Hoping to have enough saved up by then, but you can definitely get it for us with Christmas coming up soon and all at Step2.  ^_^

Boo has been such a momma’s boy lately.  Loving the sweetness and the hugs and smiles.  Laughing at his almost 360 head turn just to keep his eyes on me.  But the crying… grrrr… to the crying!  When did it all start?  How did it start?  Haven’t I been letting him explore the world?  Hasn’t he been having fun with all the aunties and uncles at church?  Doesn’t he have a ball with grandpa and grandma on Friday nights?  I guess I’m expecting too much easy-going-ness.  Guess this is just his way of getting back at me for being such a easy-going baby during his first 7 months of his life: barely any spit-ups, never vomited, no fevers, typically happy, easy to feed, never wiggly for changing, no allergies, slept pretty good, never attacked me during diaper changes… Now that I think about it, I gladly accept the separation anxiety.  No more complaints from me.  =)

It almost feels like a vacation for me. Digum will be staying home with her parents for Veteran’s Day.  And Boo is getting picked up around 8 in the morning by grandpa.  And me… I get to sleep in for a little bit and then off to the see the dentist.  Gross!  With a possible root canal, none the less.  Will it be painful afterwards?  During the healing process?  I don’t like pain.  I’m a wuss.  I know.  Has anyone ever gotten a root canal before?  How did it go?

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