Boo with his grandparents and Hubby is cleaning up the second floor.  I’m still trying to finish up the CW worship set for Sunday while making Veggie Burgers (2nd try) and homemade sweet potato and white potato Fries (1st try).  I’m thinking of creating a page to share recipes that have worked well for our family.

Boy did I have a crazy morning today.  I ended up going to bed really late last night, trying to finish up CW stuff.  So I was extremely tired when my dad called to say he was on his way to pick up Boo.  Boo was still sleeping.  No surprise there.  I quickly went down to make sure Hubby took out the carseat from the car for us.  =O  It wasn’t here!  I looked around the whole first floor three times to make sure.  When my dad arrived, Boo stirred.  SO I took the opportunity to pick him up then.  Boo looked so confused.  Heheh.  I usually wait until he is much more awake before I ‘rescue’ him.  He was still tired, but willing to play with his grandpa while I figured out the carseat deal…  Thankfully Digum’s carseat was available, but we had to return it afterwards because they were planning to go out too.  So we packed up the car.  I took Boo in the stroller while my dad drove to Digum’s place, just a few minutes walk.  I love living so close to you guys!  Anyways, we hooked up the carseat and away we went.  Now remember…  all this was for the dentist appointment I was supposed to have because it got rescheduled.  Then next thing I know, I get a phone call from the dentist office saying that the temporary dentist that was supposed to fill in while my dentist had family stuff to take care of wasn’t going to show up.  My appointment was getting rescheduled again.  After waking up super early to get baby ready for my dad to pick up so that I could go to the dentist after it had been rescheduled, I didn’t have to go to the dentist anymore.  So when I got home, I crawled back into bed exhausted.  And I couldn’t fall asleep!!  I was crazy tired but my mind wouldn’t shut off.  Now I know what it’s like for Boo to be overtired, trying to sleep but crying his head off even though he’s tired.  I feel you baby!

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