I’m expecting a short week this week…

Today, Huddy is taking off early so we can take Boo to get his flu shot (wondering how much Boo weighs now… he’s developed some chubby cheeks! hahha…) , get the car inspected, and renewed Hubby’s license.  But the day might feel longer because we’re keeping Digum late so her parents can enjoy a date night.  Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday….

Then Friday, my dad will be picking up the kids in the morning for my mom to watch them.  I’ll be heading off to the dentist to my re-re-scheduled appointment.  No one told me how the recovery of root canals go!!  Hello out there!!

We’re staying home Friday night because Hubby’s arborist exam will be on Saturday.  Trying to get a restful evening.

And before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving week!!  Can’t wait to see some family!  =D


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