Height: 28″
Weight: 18lbs 2.5oz
Head Circumference: 45.5″

Hubby took Boo to get the first part of his flu shot last month.  So I didn’t get to see and what Hubby told me didn’t register to me.  But I was shocked when Boo didn’t even react to his shot!  He was completely engrossed with the blinking musical toy the doctor had for him.  In fact, the only time he showed a reaction was when he complained because I was taking the toy away from him.  We had to leave.  Hahah…  funny baby!

My parents got Boo another toys for him to play with at their place.  I love Boo’s expression in this photo — wide-eyed just like the froggy’s eyes.  Heheh…






Their expressions are so similar!!! So cute!

Calm Boo and Grandpa….

& smiley squinty eyed Boo and Grandpa


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  1. digum's mom says:

    wowowow! digum is almost twice boo’s age but is only 1″ taller and 2lbs heavier??!

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