So Wednesday morning, Hubby’s laptop stopped charging too! For two days we had no computer usage and no internet. It was an interesting experience… I don’t think I would choose to do so again if I had a choice. Hahha! Friday morning when my dad came over to pick up the kids for my mom to watch, he dropped off my mom’s laptop. =) I got to check email and read some blogs before going out. Sigh… I felt like I connected with the internet world again. I’m not addicted!

Right before Hubby’s computer finished all the battery I found a recipe for sour cream and chicken, which also needed cream of mushroom soup, dill, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Perfect because I had everything we needed at home. We had it for dinner and it was sooo good. But we still didn’t have everything we needed for cookies.

On Thursday, I bundled up the kiddies to go for a quick trip to the market for cookie supplies. We stopped by the park on the way back. Boo slept while Digum and I played. Digum is doing so much walking these days. She stills plops down alot to crawl. But at the park, she did a lot of walking, standing, and climbing up the stairs. At this particular park by the market, they were other kids playing there too. So Digum had a good time watching what they were doing. She even watched an older asian lady do her exercises. AND after the lady left, Digum held a bar appropriate to her height and did some of the same leg kicks. AhaHA! Funny kid!

Later that night I made cookies!! I purposely made extra dough and froze them in little balls. Saw this tip online or in a magazine, can’t remember. Now we can have fresh cookies whenever we want or need:oatmeal cranberry cookies & chocolate chip cookies. Yeah! Let me know if you’re planning to stop by, I can bake cookies in preparation for our play date. =)

My mom was watching the kids again on Friday, so I could go to the dentist. Remember that re-re-scheduled dental appointment? So when I got there, I was reading my book and squinting in the anticipation of the pain… needles… shots… drilling… ack! I hate that stuff! One shot… two shots… still felt it… three shots… still felt it. I don’t remember if I got any more shots but my dentist couldn’t get the nerves taken out like she planned. So I wasn’t getting the root canal as planned. The pain numb shot didn’t work enough for me, just like the epidural during Boo’s birth!!! So the dentist applied some meds that will naturally numb the nerve?!?! I hope that will work… This tooth broke during my first trimester of pregnancy… So it’s been broken for a while. Hurry up and get fixed!!!

After Hubby’s work, we went to my parents place to pick up Digum (Boo was staying over night). The kids were just finishing snack. My dad got Boo cleaned up so we could see Boo in action in the walker. This was his second week in a walker. Once in the walker, he was so excited, he practically ran to me!! That was awesome! Then of course he grunted and whines for me to pick him up. Hahha! He’s such a whiner these days. Still his occasional smiles and laughters brightens my day. I’m missing my Boo. I hope we get to see him in his walker again tonight when we pick him up. Have to film him in action and post it for you guys to see.

Other funny things…
When Boo is in the walker, Digum pushes him around the room like the walker is for her. Boo gets so upset he can’t move.
Digum laughs when she sees my parents, waves bye and blows kisses when leaving, but she’s still cries when seeing my in-laws.
Also, she ignores me when departing from me, but with my parents, who she sees like once a month, she waves bye and blows kisses! Not fair! heheh…
My mom has a bunch of toys and dolls in the coffee table. Boo was in the walker and was trying to get one of the toys off the coffee table, reaching, reaching, reaching… never made it. Then he went off and did something else.

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