Thanksgiving weekend was spectacular!  I miss the time we had with family and friends.  Truly a blessing from God.  I cannot wait until Christmas when we meet up again!

Here’s a late but long overdue brief update.

Wednesday night – SIL and her husband arrived early evening.  After we put Boo down for bed, we had a lovely dinner with fresh cookies for dessert.  Later that night the four of us played Rummikub.  Fun!

Thursday – It was Thanksgiving day.  I wanted to watch the Thanksgiving day parade like I did every year growing up.  But without a tv, that proved to be slightly difficult.  Eventually I found it steaming on the internet.  Boo and I watched the parade.  He particularly liked the commercials and was busy looking at other things during the actual parade.  Once in a while a song and dance would appeal to him.

me & Boo

When SIL and SILH woke, they joined us.  But Boo decided that this morning, he wasn’t going to have any of it.  Last night was the same, but we thought he was simply cranky because he was tired and needed to sleep.  Little did we know that this was going to be his new thing.  Ugh!

“ehhh! I don’t know if I know you…”                  – Boo & SIL

But then Boo was easily pacified with food.  Here’s his first taste of adult food.  It was a bagel.  He gnawed on it like it was the most delicious thing he could stuff in his mouth.  It was actually a two-day old bagel. After the parade was finished, SIL and I prepared our potluck dishes.

“Nom Nom Nom…                 Bagel is nommy!”

Then off to Boo’s grandparents’ home.  There, Boo got his second taste of adult food, a stalk of rinsed asparagus.  I think he like this even more.

“heheh… this chewy stick is nommier!”
SILH, SIL, & Boo

We had a lovely time together.  It took a little convincing, but Boo eventually enjoyed his time with family.  After our big dinner, several of us played Charades.  It is always fun doing Charades with this fun bunch of people.  Then we played Rummikub and Rummi-O.  We discovered that Rummi-O is very similar to mahjong.

Football! Football!                       Let’s play football!

Friday – Hubby, Boo, and I went on a short hiking trip in Long Island.  Boo had a grand ole time being carried on my back.  I could feel him moving in all directions trying to see everything.  I could feel his arms batting and waving in excitement.  It wasn’t too long before he was exhausted and fell asleep.

After about 1.5 hours or so hiking, we went to lil’ SIL’s swim meet.  Boo, of course, was fascinated by the water.  The pool was a great distraction for him.  He happily let anyone hold him.

Boo & Grandma
Wheee! On daddy’s shoulders!

After the swim meet, we went home and bathed Boo.  Boo had his bottled on the way to Digum’s place.  There we had a fun time with our friends, eating Thanksgiving leftovers and playing Scattergories and Apples -to-Apples. Lots of laughter and crazy talk!  It was a very late night.

Saturday – We overslept!  We ended up getting to my grandma’s late.  But, so did many others.  Boo got to meet many of my aunts and cousins for the first time.  And of course he gave us a hard time.  What a time to realize the world, baby!

Boo & Uncle
Boo & Mommy’s cousin

There was lots of food and catching up with family.  Boo met a dog for the first time and was interested.  He was also motivated enough by a flashy noisy remote control car, that he pushed himself forward a little!

By the end, Boo was exhausted... hahah! Poor baby, he couldn't even lift up his head.


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