Yesterday, Hubby surprised me with an extra hour of sleep!  Baby3 (un-named) was supposed to start coming yesterday, but switched to today late last night.  Hubby thought he would help ease the transition by staying home and helping me!  Isn’t he awesome?  =D  So how did I get an extra hour of sleep, you ask?  Hubby re-set my alarm clock for an hour later while I slept.  So he took care of Digum and Boo while I slept.  He wanted me to get enough rest to get to know Baby3 and to take care of the three babies.  =)  Also… he was making it up to me…

Last week, I had been sleeping late several nights in a row and the lack of sleep was catching up to me.  So one night, I forget which, I decided to go to bed early and get a good number of hours of sleep.  However… Hubby happened to sleep late that night and was still tired when Boo woke up for his morning bottle.  Usually Hubby feeds and changes Boo and they play a bit before Hubby goes to work.  But this was not the case this morning.  Hubby decided to have Boo feed in our bed and then leave Boo in our bed to fall back asleep to finish up his morning sleep.  Whenever Boo is on our bed, I cannot sleep.  His presence just keeps me awake.  So I lost out on several hours of sleep even though I went to bed super early the night before!  So Hubby said he would make it up to me.  And he did!  =)

With only two babies in the house, we finished cleaning and organizing the house some more.  Since we were all home, and on a weekday afternoon to boot, we figured that it would be a good day to take our family photo.  But, it was not the case.  Apparently it’s the holiday season and lots of people were getting the photos done too.  So we scheduled to have it done on Saturday.

On the way home, we picked up our pre-ordered play area gate and extension set.  Very exciting!  Digum is good at walking every where now.  With three babies here, I needed a better safe area for her to play on the first floor, when I need to run up or around to do stuff.  When we got home, Digum’s daddy right after.  They were going to get their family photos done that night too.  What a funny coincidence!  Well maybe, not too funny for Digum.  =P  We had a quiet evening and I was able to finish my entries for the Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway.

This morning Boo woke me up with his crying at 7:30.  Not too early.  I thought he was waking up and was hungry again.  So I got up to check on him, but Hubby surprised me midway!  Hubby was staying home again to help me transition with Baby3.  What a wonderful hubby!

So today, I had three babies in my home.  They are 6 months, 8 months, and 14 months old.  All throughout the day at least one baby was awake and at least one baby was sleeping.  So it was not too crazy, which was nice.  Both Boo and Digum were excited with Baby3.  And we all thought Baby3 would have had a hard time transitioning here, he did not.  He was such a happy and playful baby most of the day, which was very nice for our first day together.  His only hard time was waking up from his naps.  That is extremely understandable, even most adults have a hard time waking up orienting themselves in an unfamiliar environment.  I wonder if there will be a time when all three kids will be awake at the same time in the near future…

Thanks Hubby! You made today go so much easier.
Plus, Hubby also helped me rearrange the furniture in the house, which included moving the fridge from the living room to the kitchen and moving the door handles of the fridge from the left side to the right side and moved two shelves of kitchen stuff to the kitchen from the living room. Our home is settling… =)


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