Wednesday, there were three children.
Thursday, there were two.
And yesterday, there was one.

Thursday night, I stayed up late working on Christmas gifts. In the morning my dad picked up Boo for the day and only Digum was with me. It was nice to nap when she napped. =) My sleep meter was refilled in time for Friday night fellowship. We had a wonderfully fun time with our friends playing games, eating yummy foods, and enjoying each other’s company and conversations. When Hubby and I returned home, we watched an episode of Star Trek Enterprise. Every night we have dinner at home, we watch an episode of Enterprise. We’re up to season 3. Before Enterprise we were watching Gray’s Anatomy. It’s nice to spend this time with Hubby.

Early this morning, we woke up late! =O I did anyways. We had an appointment to get our family photo taken at 9am. We were supposed to leave the house by 8:15 to pick up Boo. I was supposed to wake up at 7 to shower, but I didn’t wake up until 7:30. So we left the house around 8:30. And we got to the studio around 9:20. =P Good thing we made the first appointment of the day because there was only one other family when we got there.

But crazy thing… Boo had been awake since 5am with his grandma! And when we picked him up he looked and acted tired! I was worried about how the session would turn out. Boo fell asleep in the car as we drove to the studio. When we were ready to start the shoot, I woke Boo up to change him. And what did you know… he was a happy little fellow! What a relief. Boo was all smiley with the photographer and was so excited as he looked at all the different pictures of children around the room. He only became more excited when other family arrived with their children. For his first studio shoot, Boo did better than I expected. He was smiley most of the time and I can’t wait to see the photos. Of course, he was tired and was getting even more tired… Hubby had to take him out for a walk (we forgot the ergo and the stroller to help him sleep) while I looked through the proof and made our order. Boo fell straight asleep when we go to the car.

Here are some cute shots I got of Boo tonight. Enjoy!

I like it when Daddy lathers me up!

Let me out! I've had enough!

Boo getting all lotioned up

Woah! Where does the water come from?


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