Going backwards on the days….


Daddy, it's sooo cold!

We are currently at Digum’s home during the day and will probably be here through the winter.  Our furnace is finicky and shuts off every day or every other day or so.  Once or twice it even shut off after an hour or so!  It’s the strangest thing and we don’t know why it happens. So Wednesday morning, I bundled Boo up in his winter attire and we trekked over to Digum’s place for the day.  Let’s just say the comparison between our homes is like night and day, winter and summer.  It was nice to not have to wear my winter coat throughout the day.  I’m sure the kids thought it was quite fun to go through the day in their dipes and onesies plus or minus a pair or pants and a pair of socks.  =)  The kids certain felt a lot lighter without the many layers.  Though warmth came, it also brought upon us a new set of issues to deal with, sleep arrangements.  Boo would only fall asleep in the ergo.  And once asleep, he wouldn’t stay asleep for more than 15 minutes or less.  The baby was cranky from the lack of sleep.  Of course it was due to my foolishness.  In August, Hubby, SIL, Boo and I took a road trip to Kansas and Boo’s sleep accommodation was a quilted blanket on the floor.  He slept wonderfully.  Fast forward four months later, it isn’t so anymore.  Now, he flips over and creeps off his blanket before he can fall asleep!  We’ve got to figure this sleeping thing out before I go crazy from the lack of down time.


I woke up with more than a scratchy throat!  Cough Cough… =(  Digum arrived and started playing while I quickly packed up the kids stuff.  My dad would be here soon to pick them up.  I was going to Hubby’s work party later and needed to go before Digum would be picked up & we were staying out later than Boo’s bedtime.  So my mom was watching them for the day.  When we first got married, I didn’t feel like going to the company party and that had been the last party since.  Hubby has been waiting for 3 years to go to this supposedly great party. Hahha….

I finished packing just as my dad arrived.  Boo was awake and I got him ready.  He was in a happy mood and was excited to see my dad and Digum.  They played while I installed the car seats.After bidding the babes good-bye I went back to sleep.  As tired as I was, I had trouble falling asleep.  But when I did, it was sweet.  I was awoken by Hubby’s call at almost 1pm.  I felt much better with that extra sleep.  How God provided for me.  I got cleaned up and dressed for Hubby’s work party.  Took and subway and the MetroNorth and go there just in time.  It was a fun time of good food and great music.  We even danced a bit.

After the party, we made our last trip for Christmas gifts this year.  We’re done!  =D  Then we went home and enjoyed a movie together.  It was a good day.

Sunday & Tuesday
After service on Sunday, Boo was fussing in the stroller.  We were getting ready to go and Hubby needed to do some last-minute chat.  On whim, offered Boo my carrot juice via straw.  I don’t know what he was thinking nor did I know what he was going to do with a  straw in his mouth.  But he suck it and juice came up.  He had a surprised look on his face and sucked again.  He smiled!  Then he sucked a bit more.  Every time the juice went to the top of the straw he stopped sucking and had a contemplative look.  It was so cute!  Maybe we could skip the whole sippy cup stage and go straight to the straw cup?

On Tuesday, I missed recording the first time, but got the second time.
Here’s Boo and his newest trick after weeks of spinning around in circles….

I’m so proud of him!


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