At the last-minute of 1/1/11, I decide to do the 365 pic post.  So I just started a new page for my 365pics project.  I’ll be posting one pic per day on that page.  This means I will need to keep my camera charged so I can take a photo a day.

This past Wednesday Hubby came home early from work.  His arms were too tired from shoveling the past few days.  Besides shoveling our own home, he was also shoveling for work.  So shoveling from Sunday to Wednesday makes super tired arms (and backs and legs).  I was excited for Hubby to be home.  It was the start of our weekend.  Hubby was off for the next two days!

But once Hubby was home, he wanted to shovel some more before unwinding and relaxing. So I bundled Digum up and out we went to help and play. I was keeping an eye on Boo via monitor as he napped.

Once Boo woke up, I quickly bundled him up too and out we went to join the fun.

Snow on Digum.

“Hey, bust me outta here.  Will ya?”

The next day, Huuby, Boo and I drove to Easton, PA to the Crayola Factory! I was redeeming my coupon from Hubby for a museum trip in December. SILH’s band (Compelled) was playing in Allentown. We were originally planning to watch them but we learned that the location allowed smoking. We decided to just go to the Crayola Factory and then visit with SIL and SILH before the concert.

Crayola Factory was fun. I think when Boo is a little older it would be even more fun.
As we wait for the crayon making demonstration, Boo had fun pulling off Daddy’s glasses.

Boo, of course, had load of fun with the mirrors.  We discovered that he loves looking at himself in the mirror.

Though Boo would only try putting the marker in his mouth, he enjoyed standing against the see through marker wall to look at all the people on the other side.

What do you think of our family portrait?

Boo stood here, flipping the panels around and around for such a long time…

“Hello down there!”

“Cowabunga Dude!”

Boo Koala & Mommy Koala

Looking out the bridge of windows

Daddy, Boo, & Tip

Boo was so tired, he kept putting his head down while playing on the rug.  We knew it was time to go.

Boo and I fell fast asleep in the car as we drove to Allentown to meet up with SIL and SILH.  Then SIL joined us for dinner at Popeye’s.  Yum!  Boo had some of their rice and beans too.  After dinner, we dropped SIL off back at the concert place and we drove home to NY.

The next day, I finally packed away most of Boo’s 6 months old clothes, screwed on the pole for this closet, organized his clothes in his dresser and hung up his clothes.  It’s all so organized now.  Love it!  I still have to relabel the drawers for his dresser so Hubby and I remember where everything goes.  It was a very productive day, three months overdue… But what a lovely way to prepare for the new year, an organized closet.

Hubby went to work today. Boo slept a lot! He must still be recuperating from all the traveling. He had such a hard time sleeping in the car, unlike our road trip to Kansas in August. So I had loads of time after I slept in. After lunch, I put together a shelf for the playroom and a load of diaper laundry. I also continued my diaper prepping for my new gdiapers. I slowly peeled, sliced, and washed lots of carrots, celery, garlic, & ginger for my delicious chicken stir fry dinner as I watched Stargate Atlantis. Boo joined us for dinner too. I used a pair of scissors and cut up the veggies and meat into smaller pieces. It seemed he enjoyed the food but had a hard time breaking down all the pieces. Next time, I need to cook the food longer to make it more tender and softer for Boo. Tomorrow, back to mashed food.


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