Happy 9 Months Old!

We took Boo for his 9 month old check up today.  It was a bad idea to set our appointment on the Monday after a long weekend.  There were so many sick kids there.  We were the only ones who had an appointment at the time.  Scary.  Hope we didn’t catch anything.

Height: 28.5″
Weight: 18lbs 9oz
Head Circumference: 46″

The doctor told us that Boo wasn’t gaining as much weight as he could.  Only 5 ounces in the past three months!  That shocked us too.  So we’re adding more proteins in his diet and up-ing the formula to a stage 2.  Boo is so like Hubby.  They both eat like crazy but doesn’t gain the weight.  Not fair!!!

365pics, post #3

pushing a piece of turkey in his mouth… eating turkey makes Boo happy~!


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