Wow! I was shocked to see that I had 50 unique views on my blog today. I wonder who all of you are. I wonder if I know all of you personally.  If you can, leave me a comment.  heheh =) In any case, I’m glad to have all of you here. If I do know you I know I don’t get to speak with all of you in great length. So I hope this blog can help inform you of how we are doing.

Well, yesterday was the day Baby3 started coming and Hubby didn’t stay home like the last time. Just me and the three babies. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I was a little nervous. Baby3 arrived asleep with Boo already napping in his room. It was just Digum and me for a good while. Boo woke up and I went to get him. When he heard Digum babbling, he got excited. As we were going down the stairs, Boo was already leaning forward to peek around the wall to see her. When they saw each other, it was so cute. Both had huge happy grins and when Boo started doing his floppy wave, Digum wave back super excitedly. =) Boo just started waving last week! We weren’t too certain it it was really waving, but we know now. He waves at his own reflection =D Silly baby!

Boo and Digum played downstairs for a little before Baby3 woke up. Baby3 (needs better name) was smiley when I greeted him. But halfway through the diaper change he became upset. =( I understand… such an intimate interaction with an unfamiliar person, especially when the last memory is of being in the car with daddy, is totally scary. But when I brought him downstairs, Boo and Digum’s excitement must have excited him too. The kids were so engrossed with each other. Digum and Boo had huge happy smiles and giggles when they saw Baby3. And they both waved like crazy at him too. Baby3 just looked back and forth at them.

Boo kept trying touching and pulling Baby3’s foot.

And I love how Digum introduced herself to Baby3. Super cute!

The three of them got used to get other for little bit and then both Digum and Boo were ready for their naps. So it was just me and Baby3 for a good while. We had lunch and he explored my home and the various toys we have. Baby3 was getting tired, so I put him to sleep. But whenever I tried putting him down, he cried! =( Poor baby was still congested from his cough. After several more attempts, I finally was able to put him down propped with pillows and blankets. I was able to take in a couple of breaths when Boo and Digum woke up. So I got them up and ready for lunch. Partway through, Baby3 woke up. From here on, it was a blur… Hahah! Mainly because everyone stayed awake until Hubby came home from work.

When Hubby came home, he played with the kids, sang with them, read to them. They had a blast with Hubby! I don’t know where he got his energy after a long day of work.

Here’s Boo practicing his cruising along the gates. Boo still hasn’t figured out how to move his legs and feet, but he remembers to hold on now. =) After some play, he needed a nap. So Hubby put him down. And then Baby3 was crashing, so I put him back to sleep. Since I wanted to make sure he had some good sleep, I carried him for his nap in the ErgoBaby carrier. After putting Boo down, Hubby and Digum snacked and chitchatted. =) Next thing we knew, Baby3 was being picked up. Then Digum’s parents right after Baby3 left.

And I needed to unwind. So as Hubby prepared for Friday’s bible study, I plopped on the couch and read a magazine. Hahah… It actually felt like a full work day but without a lunch break. In fact, it felt like the next day was the weekend even though Digum was still coming. heheh… crazy… But it was so much fun watching the kids interact with one another. I can’t wait for next Tuesday to see how it will go.

Here’s some pics from today.

When Boo’s on his tummy, he doesn’t have enough practice or strength yet to hold his upper body up with just one arm. So he leans to his side to wave. “Hi Mommy!”

“Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading all about me on Mommy’s blog.”


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