Boo surprised me today! When Boo woke up, I brought him downstairs to play. But then Digum wanted to nap.  So I sat Boo on the floor in the living room’s play area and brought Digum up to nap.  When we left Boo, he was happily playing on his own.  Then I heard him start complaining.  When I got Digum transitioned for sleep, I went back down, still hearing Boo complaining.  When I got back down, I found that  Boo had pulled himself up along the side of the playpen!  That was his first time.  WooHoo Boo!  I wonder how he did it.  When I left him, he was sitting with his back was to the gate.  When I came back down, he was standing facing the gate.  I didn’t know he was able to twist his body in such a way and still had the strength to pull himself up.  Never even seen him try to pull himself up.

Pics of the day…

Boo having some fun on Daddy’s shoulders.  The dangling ornaments always generate some smiles.

Hubby sat Boo on his little couch. Then Boo leaned over to get his chew toy from the floor. Hubby dove down to ‘save’ him.  Boo was still able to reach for his toy.  =)

Digum is so cute these days!  She has such a mommy-type personality.  Boo was fussing on my lap.   So Digum signals that she wants to carry Boo.  Hahah!


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  1. digum's mommy says:

    yay boo!! =)

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