missing my Boo!
We’re both sick with some sort of stomach bug.  ugh!  Boo’s recuperating with his grandparents while I’m recovering in bed…  Here’s Boo waiting to be loaded into Grandpa’s car.

Warning, the next part is somewhat grossly graphic.  Do not read if you do not want to be grossed out.

I wanted to give a shout out to cloth diapers.  Boo has been having gross diarrhea once a day in his morning diapers the past few days.  Everything was held in nicely within his cloth diapers.  WooHoo!  I was ever so glad we made the switch.  However, the acidity of the diarrhea starting causing some horrible sores on Boo.  Poor baby.  I think the sores were worse than his tummy troubles because the only time he complained was when I was cleaning his diaper area.  So we started putting A&D on to protect the sores from the acidity and we put liners on the diapers to help prevent repelling (aka waterproofing) in the diapers.  Sadly, the diapers were starting to repel (I’ve got to clean those diapers).  So we switched back to disposables in order to keep using the A&D.  But what do you know!  The very next morning, Hubby did his normal morning routine with Boo.  Hubby entered to Boo’s room and smelled the smell and saw that Boo was on his hands and knees for the very first time.  Yea Boo!  But to Hubby’s dismay when he looked down in the crib, the diarrhea was not contained.  The poop was all up Boo’s back and even on his blanket.  No wonder the baby was on his hands and knees!  So once again, loving my cloth diapers =)


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