Though the city still had school running, it was a snow day for us =D  WooHoo!  Hubby did not have work and Digum stayed home with her mommy.  So we had a family snow day. =)  Boo slept a lot during the day.  So it was much later in the day when we went out to play.  Where’s Boo??

It doesn’t seem like Boo likes the snow too much….  Digum doesn’t seem to like snow too much either.  I guess they don’t know what to do with it?  Or it’s too cold?  I don’t know…  But when we can back in and undid all our snow gear, Boo really perked up for his bath.  What a big difference in expressions =)

During the day, Hubby did a lot of work cleaning up and organizing his prayer room/office.  He rediscovered many old treasures of his mom’s, including an old cardboard box of old faded letters and photo albums.  This durable long-lived cardboard box is even older than Hubby and moved with him to many homes… It started out in Ohio with Hubby’s mom, then traveled with her to Harlem-NY and then to Hillside-NJ… From there, the box moved with Hubby to Whitestone, Morningside Heights, Sunnyside, and finally, it is getting recycled in Woodside….


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