After Friday night fellowship, Hubby and I went on a date!  =D  We went to see Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D. It was my first 3D movie and it has been super long since I’ve seen a movie in the theatres.  Quite enjoyable =)  Next time I watch a 3D movie, I have to remember to wear my contacts instead.  On the way to the car, we picked up some Halal food and went home to eat.  The food was not so good… the meat had a strong kick to it and there were lots of burnt pieces of stuff in my dish.  Such a shame since we saw another Halal stand still opened in Queens and that would have probably tasted a whole lot better and would have been a lot cheaper too.  Oh wells, lesson learned.

Pics of the day:  Boo and Digum fighting for a toy!  It was funny to watch.  Digum was so surprised that Boo pulled back that she giggled.  Cute for now.  Not looking forward to when they’re older and are still fighting, biting, screaming… yuck!

Digum pulling the book away from Boo. Boo grabbed it back.


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