Digum is so funny! This afternoon, I put a container filled with toys cubes to fill and dump out into the play area for the babes.  After Digum filled and dumped several times, she decides to put the container on her head and poses for the camera!  hahah =D

Remember the other day when Hubby cleaned out his prayer room/office.  Well, he found some toys I used for group care several years ago.  I finally had a chance to clean them up and let the kids at them.  I tossed them into the play area and one happened to land by where Boo was standing.  Boo was holding onto the fence thing.  When he saw the funny blue ball, he reached and reached down to get it, one hand reaching down and the other hand still holding the fence up high.  Then suddenly he let go and plopped on his bum and happily explored the blue ball.  Heheh…

Boo also cruised a little along the fence thing today!  WooHoo!  Go Boo!  Now, if only you  can figure out how to stand up on your own….

P.S.  No Baby3 today. He’s in Disneyland or Disney World with his parents.  I don’t know which.  Plus, he didn’t come last week either because Boo, Digum, and I were just getting over the yucky stomach bug.  Baby3 stayed safe at home.  So I hope we have a good day next week with such a long break in between.


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