Despite the crazy night, today was pretty smooth sailing.  Thank you God!  In the morning, I was a little annoyed with the babies, especially when they were complaining.  But good thing they didn’t complain too much.  Before we knew it, we were having lunch and taking our naps.  That’s right, all three of us napped after lunch.  Boo went down around 11:30am and Digum and I went down around noon.  We all woke around 2pm to Boo’s crying.  He was hungry.  And we had a great afternoon. =D

Digum loves the “Ring Around A Rosie” book

I’m guessing she’s telling us the story, but it’s all in baby babble. haha!

Hahah! Digum is so silly!  Her reaction to the tiny baby figure sitting on the fence.

Hanging toys along the fence to motivate Boo to move.  Kinda working…

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