Sorry for being all MIA.  It hasn’t been that crazy lately but Hubby has been complaining that I spend too much time on Facebook.  So I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the internet in general and somehow it included my blog has been left out.  =(  But I am back and I will continue with posting.  However, I will be deleting my 365pics page.  It has been too much work posting posts and then updating that page everyday.  So I’m simplifying!

Several weeks ago I received a stand-by jury duty summons. I placed it with our daily calendar on the date which I have to call in. But what do you know, we’ve been lazy with the calendar. I was supposed to call them this past Friday, but didn’t until last night (Monday). And we found out I had to go in the today (Tuesday). What a last minute surprise! God really helped me simplify today.
(1) Baby3 is sick at home (please pray for him – baby bronchitis) and Digum stayed home with her daddy who’s on vacation. So I only had to travel with one baby, Boo.
(2) There are three locations to report for jury duty in my county. And the one I was assigned to was only one bus ride away versus several subway/bus transfers.
(3) Once we arrived, the guards told me I didn’t need to enter. I just needed to mail in Boo’s birth certificate to get my 16 year exemption. So we left.
(4) After arriving home, it was time for Boo’s next bottle. After the bottle and a dippie change, we needed to sleep. We were both exhausted from waking up super early and all the traveling… So we slept until 1pm! =)
What a day…

365pics #21

Digum was expanding her exploration!  More than simply standing around the snow-filled yard or looking at the passing cars, she actually did some walking, fencing shaking, and even poking her glove-covered-hands into the piles of snow!  =)

Boo looks like he’s working hard putting the puzzle together, but after a quick look at the pieces, he was just having fun banging them on the table, on the board, and dropping them on the floor!

365pics #22

After a good night of sleep at his grandparents, Boo had plenty of energy for the day.  Hubby and I picked Boo up and we did a bit of grocery shopping.  Then we had lunch with another couple and their daughter (AKA Deee).  Afterwards, we visited Digum and her family.  There, Boo did some dance dance revolution with daddy!

365pics #23

Peek-a-boo Uncle Nick!

365pics #24 – Emergency babysitting with Baby4 (AKA Deee)

Boo and Digum did a great job practicing playing with one another and with Deee!

Boo figured out he could initiate peek-a-boo on his own =)

365pics #25 – videos for today….

Boo is too impatient to eat cheerios one by one, instead he chooses to stuff his face with a handful of cheerios! hahah!

Boo likes to do some bottom boogies after pulling himself up to stand =)

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