We’re getting another snow storm in NYC. It snowed all day today. And more snow is coming tonight through tomorrow night! While the snow was still fluffy, I shoveled our sidewalk and driveway this afternoon. Yea me! I compiled the snow into a big pile. I’m hoping to dig a tunnel or a cave in the pile. =) Childhood fantasy. heheh. It was very tiring shoveling, especially towards the end. In fact, towards the end, I gave up compiling th snow. I ended up just shoveling the snow to the side. =P My arms are aching now… Halfway through shoveling, Boo got tired of watching too. So he went to take a nap. By the time he woke up, he was able to see Hubby whacking a giant icicle off our electricity wire. Our gutter is clogged and the water drips onto the neighboring wires.

Boo did a lot today too. He drank several bottles, made several poopy diapers and several wet diapers. He ate applesauce, congee with fish, and then with egg yolk. He fed himself cheerios, tofu, and puffs. He did a lot of playing and crawling around. He figured out that he could get his musical ball spinning to work if he kicked the machine with his feet. =O He also figured out that if he bent really low with his bum sticking out while standing he could safely sit down. =D He also figured out that a book is good for pictures in multiple ways.

Digum stayed home with her daddy again today.


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