NYC got 19inches of snow last night!  It is the snowiest January NYC has ever seen.  The city was in a winter weather emergency.  This meant that cars that were in the way of plow trucks got towed.  This totally should have happened two snow storms ago.  The city could have done it’s job and citizens would have complained less (or found something else to complain about).  School was also out today.  However, almost 90, 000 students missed their Regents exam.  The state has a rule where there are no make-up for this exam.  This is horrible because some students require a certain number of passed Regents exams in order to graduate.  Hopefully, the state and the city will fix this problem.

*update – The students will be taking their exam in June.

Hubby stayed home today.  There was so much snow that he wasn’t able to shovel it all out in order get his car out to go to work.  For most of the morning, he shoveled.  The sun came out and melted the thin layers of snow.  The warmth made the snow sticky and packable.  Great for snowballs and building things.

Remember the giant pile of snow I shoveled yesterday?  Early this morning, snow fall and Hubby’s shoveling added to it.  By the time Boo and I went out to play, it was a pretty tall pile.

Here’s a little pile.  Boo refused to sit.  So we leaned him against a pile of snow. haha!

Here was a quick shot of Boo next to our pre-tunnel before he started complaining.

Hubby digging deeper into the snow…

Break through!  See the light over Hubby’s head at the end of our tunnel?  The shadow-y area in the middle, in front of Hubby, was a little room I shoveled out.

Here’s Hubby popping out of our tunnel.  Can you see his head?  Later on, Hubby extended the tunnel and made a fort.  He was demonstrating to Boo how to made a good snow fort to attack the neighborhood kids with snowballs. *shrug*  Boo was even paying attention.

Digum and her family came over to play later.  They got to play in the fort too.  When it was getting dark, they used a lantern.  Hubby said he felt like a kid again.  =)


*BONUS pic – Boo was sitting on Hubby’s lap during dinner.  Suddenly he grabbed Hubby’s cup and drank from it!  Hahah!  In fact, he kept grabbing Hubby’s pizza too.  So Boo enjoyed his first pizza today too. =)


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