Sorry for the delay, we got home super late last night after visiting with Digum and her parents.  We had a yummy dinner and watched a movie.  Unlike last time (probably due to teething) Boo stayed sleeping when we put him down.  However… because we expected him to wakeup like the last time we were there, we just put on a day diaper.  When we gathered him up to leave, several hours later, we discovered a drenched and smelly baby! He pooped and leaked all over himself.  Gross! =P

365pics #28 – Boo sportin’ his new Mo Dia Diaper =)  ooga booga = sooo cute!

During Boo’s nap, Digum and I went outside to play (monitor in my pocket  just in case).  We built a snow person… more like stacked three “ball ball” on top of each other =D

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