Thursday will be Chinese New Year AKA Lunar New Year.  We had our end- of- the-year dinner with my dad’s family last night.  It’s was Boo’s 1st restaurant meal.  The night started out crazy.  First of all, it was set at 8pm, past Boo’s bedtime.  Amazingly, Boo napped when we got home from church all the way to 7pm, about 3 hours.  Though Boo’s bedtime is normally at 7, Boo was in great spirits after his nap.  Then, when we arrived a the restaurant, we found out that the whole street didn’t have gas and electricity.  Crazy!  So we had to drive to another restaurant.  At restaurant, there were some big and bright chandeliers.  Boo was fascinated!  While the adults wait for food, Boo ate his dinner.  And boy did he eat!  He had a full 4oz-ish meal of chicken congee (AKA rice porridge), 2oz-ish tofu, a bunch of Joe’s O’s (something like Cheerios), some other baby puff snack, and two cookies!  Afterwards, he played with his toys while the adults finished eating.  Many toys ended up on the floor, but we had enough to keep him going for a good while.  He stayed in his booster for almost 2 hours without complaining.  That was amazing!

Posing for the camera during his after dinner snack =P

Of course, his sleep schedule was all flipped flopped today.  Somehow someway, so was Digum’s.  Oh wells…

Digum was on the phone a lot today.

“Da Da” in response to my “Who’s on the phone?”

Then Digum discovered that pulling the string of the telephone toy made the phone follow her.  Nice discovery!

Boo tried the same thing with the elephant toy.  Good job copying!

But Digum took it from him.

And pulled it this way…

…. and that way.  Then she was hungry for her third snack of the afternoon!  Super growth spurt!

BONUS 365pics #31:  Boo’s third tooth broke through!  WooHoo!  Still doubling and tripling his bibs because of major drooling… another tooth perhaps?


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