Yesterday, Boo took a late nap and didn’t wake up until after 6pm!  In hind-sight, we should have woken him up earlier.  But we’ve never woken him up on purpose unless we were leaving the house or something like that.  So Boo ended up wide awake for most of the early evening.  Hubby need to buy salt for our freezing rain forecast through the night and early morning.  So Hubby offered to take Boo with him.  Boo happily went along and stayed awake the entire time.  But he conked out off he got home. =)

I took out some mixing bowls, colanders, measuring cups and funnels today.  Very exciting!

New discoveries and loud noises…

lots of banging and some stacking…

then lots of mixing and some scooping

After a nice long nap, I found a happy baby.  He doesn’t know how to get up on his own yet, but as I’m lifting him up, he quickly grabs onto the railing and holds on tight.  Then he bounces with laughter. =D sooo cute!

After Hubby got home from work, he went to his family’s place for the end-of-the-year dinner.  Boo had a crazy time.  Terribly clingy and whenever someone tried holding him or carrying him = lots of crying and screaming…  But we were still able to play some games.

A couple of rounds of checkers…

and a couple of rounds of Chinese Poker (aka Big 2).  Though Boo had just woken up from sleep, he got really excited when he saw the playing cards =)

I love the Chinese New Year season.  It’s lots of family gatherings and fun, just like Thanksgiving and Christmas =D


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