Happy New Year to All!

and Happy 10 Months Old to Boo!

Strangely, Boo kept his mouth opened for most of the pictures. Boo in his New Year outfit from Asia =)

We finally got him to smile, but he kept staring at Digum who was copying Hubby do weird poses.  *shrug*


As I’m typing up this post, I’m watching Boo on the monitor.  He’s awake in bed.  Funny baby has discovered his squeaky Pooh by accident.  He’s kicking and Pooh is squished between his foot and the crib rail.  So Pooh gives a loud squeak and Boo keeps kicking.  Earlier he was singing to himself.  =)  Hopefully he’ll fall back asleep soon.


Pics from today…

This is how I found Boo after a nap…  recently I’ve been finding him in right angles.  Strange…

Deep convo with Miguel =)

Snacking… and Boo’s camera pose, head tilt.  hahah!


Oh!  Boo’s asleep again =)


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