After church yesterday, we bought some New Years treats and visited my grandma.  Lots of family was there, even my mom’s cousin.  We expected Boo to be clingy with me.  He was, but surprisingly Boo also played and explored without me.  However, I did hide from my Boo most of the time. =(

Here’s Boo looking at some books we brought along.

I’m watching Boo on the monitor now.  He’s whimpering and crying in his sleep.  I hope he’s not having nightmares about what happened yesterday… =P

I’m ‘stealing’ photos from one of my cousins…

I’m very glad he was able to spend time with different people, especially with my cousin’s super active and fun little boy.  It was so funny watching the 3-year-old copying what the baby was doing!  Here’s both of them chewing on teethers.

OOhhh…. and his super-duper cute little brother!  I love his crazy hair and funny expressions.  While Boo was spinning some wheels at my feet….

I got to hold the ‘lil chubster!  Oh.. the baby fever~

Of course it was only after most people left, that Boo finally relaxed and smiled and did some real laughing…  I hope the day wasn’t too stressful for him =)

PS  Hubby doesn’t have work tomorrow =D


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