Meet Squiggles, formerly known as Baby3.  He loves books.  Therefore a bookworm and a worm is squiggly.  So he became Squiggles.


Today was a day of 3s, crazy 3s!  Three babies in my house.  They were all hungry at the same time. They cried at the same time.  They slept at the same time and then woke at the same time.  And then they cried and ate at the same time again!  Eating, crying, sleeping, waking by threes!  Crazy!  I’m not sure I can handle three babies at the same time any more… especially if they are all crying at the same time.  When babies cry, I ache… but when they all cry and then my own little boy stares at me with his tearful eyes and sad face as if saying, “Mommy, I need you.  Why don’t you care for me?  Don’t you want me?”  It totally breaks my heart.  =(  I told Hubby this and he laughed!  He thinks it’s funny when Boo cries.  Hubby had a very hard time trying to empathize with my pain and guilt.


Do you Boo’s excitement?  He loves babies these days.  He keeps trying to touch them and grab at them.  So cute.


Squiggles was very interested in Digum’s toy, but whenever the music got turned on, Squiggles cried.  =(  He definitely did not like any of our musical toys, minus Scout which he has at home.


This girl’s got personality!!  I love this =D  This is her ‘silly face.’  And our couch creates lots of static.  Hahah!


Where did Digum’s blog name come from?  ‘Digum’ is how Digum says thank-you and you’re welcome combined!  It’s one of her earlier spoken words.  It’s funny how she knew how to use ‘thank-you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ at such an early age appropriately but somehow the two words got combined.

And Boo’s?  When Boo was around 6 months old he started this funny complaining expression.  He would go “Boo boo boo boo” with a sad-ish face and his hand would open and close really fast.  =P  He’s kinda weird, but I love it.


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