I’m realizing that I am not very disciplined.  I can’t seem to post my 365pics everyday.  But surprisingly, I have taken a picture of Boo everyday minus 2, January 8th and February 8th. =P  It was not planned!  But I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve only missed two days.  Now to work on doing housework everyday and doing devotions everyday.  Taking an idea from another blogger, I’ve created a weekly chart where I chart our my daily tasks and goals as well as my weekly ones, my errands, appointments, and dinner plans.  Taking my vitamins and devotions are on for every day.  I’ll let you know how that works…

Now 7 days later after Boo figured out how to pull himself up to standing in his crib, Boo decided to play instead of sleeping his 2nd nap of the day.  Later he again decided to stand instead of going down for the night.  Hubby and I watched him cruise around his crib as we ate our dinner.  It took him half an hour to tire out.  He lost his grip and fell down.  He started to cry but then grabbed his lovey and sleep Scout in one swipe.  Sleep scout turned on and Boo stopped crying. Hahah!  The turned to his side and fell asleep. =)  Nowadays, Boo sleep in all different ways, on his back, on his tummy, on either sides, and even all twisted and bent up in funny positions.  But we don’t understand how the back of his head got all rubbed out and flat when he sleeps on his back the least…. =T

It was such a beautiful day today.  I think it even hit 60 degrees!  But there was still snow on the ground =)  The kiddies and I went to the park after a long snowy winter stuck on our own block…

Digum went wild!  She did lots of running around.  Boo was a bit fussy.  He stayed in the stroller eating cheerios and drinking water.



I love her crazy running!


When we got back home, we played in the yard some bit.  Boo happily held onto the fence to look at our neighborhood.  On occasion, he chased Digum, while holding onto my hand.


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