When our laundry room was set up, we moved Boo’ diaper changing station from his bedroom, which was on my old desk, onto a large metal shelf in the laundry room.  The diaper pail is right there for us to drop the wet diapers in.  Hubby even installed a utility sink in the room.  So we can spray any soiled diapers before dropping it in the diaper pail.  The set up is very convenient.

We also hung some small baskets on the side for each of the babies’ extra clothes or disposables (the kids I watch during the day use disposables) and their wipe containers fit nicely on the shelf under the changing pad.  Everything fits perfectly for us.  We also use a hanging diaper stacker for Boo’s everyday cloth diapers, an extra small laundry basket for his night-time diapers, and a diaper caddy for his going out diapers.  But as I was testing various new diapers, the diapers started to overflow.  So I needed to make some adjustments.  I started selling the diapers we rarely use.

I also added a hanging shoe rack for more storage.  I moved our Smartipants and Fuzzibunz to that rack.  Now there’s more room for our other diapers.

But I’ll be rearranging the diapers again because we’re getting some super cute diapers in the mail.  Hopefully they’ll arrive tomorrow or early next week.  Funny thing is I ordered them spread out over several weeks, but most of them have just finished being made by various WAHMs and just mailed this week.  So it’ll be like Christmas.  I can’t wait! =)

I’ll post photos of our new dipes soon. =)


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