What is fluff?  Fluff is cloth diapers!  The squishy fluffy-ness on your little one’s bottom.

Fluffy mail is mail with cloth diapers on the way.  It’s like Christmas every time. =D

soon-to-be our Mo Dia Diapers:

A cow diaper because Hubby wanted to be a dairy farmer and we’re going with a farm theme for our nursery and toys.

A snail diaper because when Boo was a newborn, he had a cute snail onesie.  And once Hubby put Boo outside in his rocker and the rocker crushed a snail.  Now whenever Hubby sees a snail, he thinks of Boo and how cute he looked in his snail onesie.

A trucks diaper because it has a super cute farmer and tractor, which goes great with the farm theme.

soon-to-be our Click-A-Doo Dipes

A farm animal diaper, Dr. Seuss diaper, and owls diaper.  Hubby also enjoys Dr. Seuss books and their funny rhymes.  And the owls diaper… I couldn’t stop looking at that fabric.  There’s a funny owl that’s kind of glaring at you with an annoyed look.  I think it’s funny. =)

soon-to-be our Bunky Fluff Diapers

Like the owls, I like cute/funny diapers with bold colors.  So this monsters diaper really suits me.  I can’t wait to see it on Boo. =)

and the two Cow Patties Cloth Diapers which arrived an hour ago.  I don’t have pictures of yet because I’m washing them right now.  There’s a diaper with Sesame Street characters playing soccer.  Hubby also loves playing soccer and he loves Sesame Street.  He’s forever going on youtube to find old Sesame Street songs or clips.  And there will be a Mets Diaper.  If you know Hubby, you know how he loves the Mets.  A diaper of SpongeBob & Patrick playing soccer is on its way too.

As you can see, most of these diapers correspond to Hubby’s likes and interests.  I’m having some trouble figuring out what I like and finding fabric to go with them.  So I’m toying with the idea of sushi, coffee, chocolate, more Dr. Seuss, and funny ones like the owls and monsters.

Cloth diapers are definitely addicting.  You can get almost any design or pattern you can think of.  Favorite color, characters, sports, or whatever.  It’s fun!  Currently (but not in the near future, due to $$) I’m on the search for diapers with ice cream, taxi cabs, the Simpsons, more farming, gardening, vegetables, fruits, … Yes, more things that Hubby likes.  In a way, it’s like gifting Hubby with things that he likes, which I love doing.  I’m a gift giver.  =D


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