Through a facebook post, I learned that every carseat has expiration date.  For two days, I tried figuring out whether our infant carseat was expired yet.  It was a hand-me-down from a friend.  The manufactured date was easy to find, but no expiration date.  I looked all over, flipped this way and that.  But I could find the expiration date.  Many websites and blogs told me that all carseats are printed with “Do Not Use after XXXX.”  But I just could not find it on ours.  Was it made so long ago that it didn’t print the dates?  =O  Finally I figured out that it was not printed on the sticker like the manufactured date, but on the carseat itself, molded.  Our carseat was expired December 2010!  eeckS!

We bought a convertible carseat several months ago to enable us to drive both Boo and Digum whenever we ran errands or visit the botanical garden.  So we still needed another carseat for the same purposes.  With warmer weather coming up, we’ll be visiting the garden again.

See how excited Boo is, as Hubby unpacks the carseat.

BabiesRus was doing a Trade-In for several weeks.  And it happens that we were already planning to go on Monday to trade in a highchair.  So we did the same for the carseat and got 25% off the new one.  BTW, I’m loving our new high chair, especially since the new wheels actually work.  The old one was a hand-me-down too.

This week, Boo has really grown in his gross motor skills.  He is now able to quickly pull himself up to stand.  With that new skill, he some how figured out how to sit himself up from any position.  And he’s able to get in a crawling position, knees and hands.  He can crawl a few steps, but often reverts back to his army tummy crawls.  =)  WooHoo, much less crying now and more independent play! =)


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