Mets fan in training =D

Do you like Boo’s Dr. Seuss diaper?

Check out how Boo’s practicing his standing skills.  He loves standing up by the couch and letting go =)  How brave~

Love his expression!!  How excited he gets when he sees babies, photos or in-person.  =D

Digum’s Double Sensory

Getting ready…

GOOP – water mixed with corn starch.  Add only enough water until the mixture looks runny, but is kinda solid when you pick it up.

Very strange how it comes together and drips away…

The day before, I fell asleep once Hubby came home.  Boo was napping too.  So Hubby had Digum help with washing out plant containers.  They did the same thing the next day.  It was super cute to watch =D


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