Last week, we invited some of our friends over for dinner for today, Sunday, after church.  So yesterday, Saturday, was a busy busy day.  I prepped all the foods: defrosted and marinated the chicken wings, cooked and assembled baked pasta, measured out the ingredients for biscuits.  However, because we were also squeezing in running errands and picking up Jordan for the day, I forgot to cut up the butter for the biscuit and I forgot to cut apart the chicken wings.  But Saturday was so busy, I didn’t realize this until I was getting dinner ready on Sunday! =P

After we came home from running errands, Hubby got Boo fed and I organized the house some more.  We were still in a partial renovation state in our home.  So we had lots to do before our “dinner party.”   I made instant noodles and dumplings for dinner (that’s our weekly Saturday dinner if we don’t have leftovers to finished up in the fridge).  After dinner, Hubby cleaned the kitchen:  unloading and loading the dishwasher, cleaning the sink and the counters, and scrubbing the stove.  I cleaned up the living room, put away the baby toys and books, took apart the baby gates, and vacuumed the floors.  Then we scrubbed the floors, Cinderella style.  Since the major renovations were completed, we were able to properly clean the house so we could take our shoes off at the door.  Scrubbing the floors was exhausting!  It was also very tedious.  I don’t know how Hubby did it, but he worked and worked.  I took several breaks, including internet breaks and laundry duties.  At 12:36am we were done!  It was exciting to walk around in our socks.  Plus the living room looked huge without the gates.

Sunday morning, Boo enjoyed some new freedom in our open living room and with a newly open Christmas gift.  =)  He did very well standing with his push cart.  He doesn’t know how to walk with it yet, but he’s pretty steady.


Hubby took off from helping out with Sunday School.  We were supposed to attend adult Sunday School together, but because we left home later than usual, Hubby missed the whole class trying to find parking.  But we enjoyed worship together.  Boo even slept through the sermon, so no distraction for us today =)  After hanging out for a little bit, I went home with Digum’s family.  Hubby drove another set of friends to our place.

It was our first dinner gathering at our ‘new’ home.  It was fun!  Besides the food that I made, there was also salad, lots of fruit, and flan!  So yummy!  So stuffed!  After dinner, we even played Monopoly.  I didn’t get to take any pictures because I was busy getting the food together.  But I heard lots of fun happening  =D

Boo was able to play a little at the very beginning, but he was cranky very soon.  His bedtime routine started 10 minutes before we got home.  So he really missed most of it because he was eating dinner while the other kids played.  After eating, he took a bath, had a bottle, and then went to bed.  Good thing the party sounds didn’t travel upstairs.  It was super quiet upstairs.

It’s getting late and I’m losing my mind.  Coherency is departing…  I’m sorry if sentences and thoughts are getting jumbled.  In any case, I’m looking forward to our next gathering =)  Thanks for coming friends!


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