These past few days, Boo has started asserting his independence.  Halfway through lunch, he would refuse to let me feed him.  But he would gobble it up if I put pieces or chunks of his food on the tray in front of him.  It’s a bit messier, but he eats. =) A lot…


Tonight, Hubby worked very hard in his man-cave.  He was down there for a very long time.  And when I went down there, boy, was I amazed at all that’s has been going on!

He built trellises, which included the grow lights, for his pea shoots =)

Several days ago, he hung up curtains off the ceiling to focus the ceiling light, as grow lights, for some young plants.

His hard work is paying off! =)

Lots of baby plants growing in the late winter.

Aren’t they cute~?

The peas are growing tall already!


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