11 months old photo shoot, minus many

This one made the cut.  It was a part of Boo’s birthday invitations, ball themed.  =)

Boo was picked up mid-morning by my parents.  So it was just Digum and I for the day.  With the extra attention, I thought I’d fix her up a special lunch.  =)

Inspired by Muffin Pan Mondays
left – (1) puffs and cheerios
top, left to right – (2) bananas covered in cheerios crumbs-frozen, (3) jar food-apples and bananas, (4) peas
bottom, left to right – (5) apple sauce, (6) cut up cheese, (7) jar food-spaghetti in tomato sauce with beef

Can you guess which she loved and which she would not touch after a taste?

She loved peas!  and did not like the sweeter stuff, like the apple sauce, frozen bananas, and the apples&bananas.  And she did a great job feeding herself.  We definitely will try this again in the future.  Gotta find a 6 muffin pan.  I only have a 18 muffin pan. =P


After fellowship, we came home to our infamous neighborhood opossum!  He didn’t move the whole time we were running in and out of the house to grab the camera… It was kinda gross, like a giant rat on our fence. yuck!


At my parents… Boo’s resting his head on his lovie, like when he goes to sleep.  =)  hehehe…


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