Well, you’ve all seen all my pretty dipes before they were mine.  Are you ready to see them in action?  Some of you have been asking me how do cloth diapers work.  Here’s a photo explanation for what we do in a day with cloth diapers.  You’re in for a treat because on this particular day, we had diaper laundry too!

My cloth diapering day begins with my diaper stash…

and my dirty diaper pail. See how there’s a pail liner and the dirty diapers from the day before? We find that the open pail let’s the diapers air out and it does not smell. We have tried zippered and a drawstring bag before. Those stank whenever we opened them!

Diaper Change #1

Hubby gets Boo around 5:30am.  Most of the time Boo is already awake.  Hubby changes this first diaper of the day.  Since I’m still sleeping, there’s no picture.  =P  This is his stinkiest diaper of the day because it has accumulated everything from the past 10 – 10.5 hours.  But it’s ok.  After Hubby takes the diaper off and puts another one on. Later, he takes out the insert from the diaper and toss everything into our diaper basket (it has a waterproof pail liner).  Then he sprinkles some baking soda on top.  And very soon, the smell is gone.

The following is graphic in the yucky kind of way.  This is a photo journal of a cloth diapering day.

Diaper Change #2

When Boo wakes up from his morning nap, I change him.  It was a poopy diaper.  Hubby had put on a Bum Genius 4.0 with the hook and loop fasteners (velcro).  All and only our night diapers are hook and loops.  These are pocket diapers. Pocket diapers mean we stuff the pocket with inserts to make it absorbent.  The outside of the diaper is a waterproof material, keeping all the wetness within.  Currently we trying out flats in our night diapers.

I took off the diaper and put it aside, out of the way.  I cleaned his little bum and put on a clean diaper.  I put on another Bum Genius 4.0, but this one has snaps.  It was stuffed with a Joey-Bunz Premium hemp insert.

After I put Jordan down to play, I had to tackle that poopy diaper.  First I took the diaper and dropped the poop into the toilet and flushed.

Then I pulled a little of the insert out and turned it around and shook it out the rest of the way.   The insert was not wet where I touch.  The pee, as you can see, is focused in the front part of the diaper/insert.

Then I sprayed the little pieces of poop off in our utility sink.  Usually I hold the diaper up, but I’m holding the camera this time.  Also, we mainly use this sink for our diapers and we do sanitize it once in a while.

While hold the waterproof area, I squeeze the extra water out.  I don’t want poopy water dripping on my floors.

And drop it into the diaper pail.

Diaper Change #3

The next diaper was a wet one.  So after putting it aside, I put on a Mo Dia Diaper.  It is also a  pocket diaper.  We stuffed this pocket diaper with it’s own Mo Dia hemp insert.

After putting Boo down to play, I went back to diaper, the Bum Genius pocket diaper.  I held the insert and gently shook until the diaper falls off.  Usually, the insert isn’t so wet that I’m touching anything wet.

Now that you’ve seen how a poopy diaper is handled and how a wet diaper is handled.  I’ll skip those photos.

Diaper Change #4

It was a wet one.

The next diaper I put on was a Click-A-Doo Dipe.  It’s an all in two diaper.  That means the diaper is in attached with two pieces, the insert and the cover.  In this case, the cover has a hidden layer of waterproof material between the pretty design on the outside and the fuzzy soft fleece inside.  The insert is snapped onto the cover.

To put it on, I place the diaper under Boo’s bum.  Then I pull the long insert over Boo and fold it down.

I pull the cover over and snap the sides down.

Diaper Change #5

It was wet again.  I think I was lazy and just tossed the whole thing into the basket.  Sometimes I un-snap the insert.

I handed Boo over to Hubby to bathe him.  After his bath, Hubby put on Boo’s last diaper of the day, a Bum Genius 4.0 with hook and loop.  It’s the night diaper again, stuffed with 2 cotton flats.

totals:  6 different diapers in one day; 5 diaper changes = 1 poopy diaper + 4 wet diapers

Later on that night, I tackled the diaper laundry.  First I took the pail liner with all the diapers and shook them all out into the washer machine.  I dumped the liner in the machine too.  I set the machine to the largest water level setting and ran a rinse cycle.  Our rinse cycle runs cold.  The rinse cycle rinses out most of the urine and the little pieces of poop we miss.

Then I set the machine to the medium water setting on hot.  I put in two tablespoons of Rockin’ Green Classic detergent and let it wash on Very Heavy (dirty).  After it was done, I set the washer to the highest level of water again and ran a warm Light wash.  This last wash is to rinse the diaper of all the leftover detergent.  Warm water rinses soap away better.  Then I hung everything up to dry.


All done!




for today. =) I realize that I didn’t mention my cloth wipes and what I did with those. I’ll leave that for another day.





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