I’m 7 days behind on my 365pics.  I’ve been trying to catch up.  But DST threw me into a loop.  I’m having trouble falling asleep at night, but I still have to wake up on time.  I’m so tired.  This is stressing my body out and now I’m getting sick.

Digum has been sick for the past two days.  I’ve been chasing her with a cloth wipe to wipe her constantly running nose.  Yesterday, she sneezed several times and snot was shooting out.  It was so gross!  Somehow I remembered that we have a nasal bulb sucker thing.  So I grabbed it with a new bottle saline mist sprayer (just for this occasion).  I shot her two nostrils up with the saline mist and sucks as much of the yuck out as I could.  It work as well as the bulb could work, but within a few minutes of play, her nose was running again.  I’ve been hearing such great stuff about the Nosefrida.  I want to get one, especially since Boo caught the sniffles now too!  But it’s only sold online.  Boo!  Should I still get it?  I get free 2-day shipping but if I want it tomorrow, I have to pay an extra $3.99.

Now three of us are sick.  I think I’m going to redeem my sick day coupon tomorrow.


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  1. =( i don’t even know how she got sick. mommy and daddy are ok.

  2. Boo's Mommy says:

    Boo’s sniffles were mostly gone by the time he woke up this morning.

    And I’m pretty sure mine are allergies. =P

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