After Hubby came home from work, Digum and I took a walk around the block.  She loved looking at our neighbor’s frog.  She watched it for minutes at a time.  Waved bye to the frog, started walking off and walked back to stare at it some more.  =D  So cute!

I learned from cloth diapering that hanging diapers out int he sun reduces stains.  Well our bibs are gross from milk spills and eating.  So with the sun finally out, I decided to test the sun on my bibs.  Here’s my makeshift clothesline.  Hubby doesn’t like it that I hang stuff out.  =P  Most of the stains did go away with our partially sunny afternoon.  =D Score!


Boo went to his grandparents for the night.  Guess what’s he doing there again!  Boo~!


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