I’m so behind on my posts that I’m just going to start fresh and whichever days I missed, I’ll post them backwards.  So keep checking for older posts!  =)

Here’s some delayed blabbering…

So… I’ve been MIA for like 2 weeks.  It all started out with me writing up a reference thing for a friend.  If you know me, you know I majored in math in college so I would not have to write a thesis or a final paper. =P Lazy I know…  And I caught up.  It took me forever, but I finally finished and sent it in.  But not before I got sick from Digum’s sniffles.  Mine turned in congestion and coughing.  I even had trouble sleeping through the night because I had trouble breathing.  As soon as I got better from that, I was getting pains in my mouth.  Yes… I still didn’t get that root canal I mentioned many posts ago.  First it was just random occasions.  Then I would wake up because it was hurting so much.  Then It would hurt whenever I was working on that work reference for my friend.  I tried Motrin.  Worked the first few times… but not after a while.  After several days, it was almost constant pain.  I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything, …. =P  I don’t like the dentist…?  But I finally called in on Monday and they scheduled me in the next day.  Hubby was supposed to take Wednesday off, so he just rescheduled it to Tuesday.  So I went to the dentist on Tuesday, it was not my regular dentist…. she told me it was my wisdom tooth, but the x-rays showed that my wisdom teeth were not even touching my other teeth or anything.  In fact, she kept looking at the WRONG side of the x-ray.  She was looking at the side that wasn’t hurting.  I pointed it out to her once and reminded her twice after that!  I did not trust her!  She referred me to an oral surgeon, who I’ve seen already and told me that my wisdom teeth were fine.  I told her that.  Then she prescribed Motrin for my pain!  I told her the ones at home were not working.  She she these were 4x the strength.  I wondered if I could just take 4 pills.  Oh wells…  Hubby filled my prescription that night.  It worked the first two times…  Then I work up 3:30am-ish…  in crazy pain!  Worse than before!  Couldn’t sleep!  Couldn’t think!  Cried…  After an hour or so, I woke Hubby up.  =(  He tried to help me.  Pressure on my temples worked.  After a while, it didn’t anymore.  =(  Hubby researched online.  He found out that garlic oil would work.  So we crushed some garlic and I stuck in my mouth on my gums.  It worked!  =O  I even fell asleep.  Hubby called out from work.  He even called the dentist up for me when I slept.  He took care of the babies too.  Once he got through to the dentist, they told him to bring me in.  He woke me up and got the babies ready.  And off we went.  I was in pain again… and when I got there, the reception people were confused.  They couldn’t figure out who told me to come in.  They were super busy.  But I guess since I was there already, someone told me to come, and I was in pain, they squeezed me in… After like two hours of waiting… I sat in the chair, an assistant asked me about my pain, and the dentist told me she was going to send me to a root canal specialist and prescribing me antibiotics.  She said the way I was hurting sounds like an infection.  So I went home.  I had the same antibiotics from another time at home.  Took it along with the super Motrin.  Tried to rest…. 3 hours later, took another antibiotic… rested some more.  Read a book…  Someway along the line, as I was reading, the pain stopped and I didn’t even notice!  I got up and started doing evening chores, got dinner ready and baked a cake.  I forgot about the pain until Hubby asked me.  =O  I am so glad my dentist knew her stuff!  So so glad!  For the first time in two weeks, I slept through the night.  Boy, was it sweet!  =D  Today went by without incident.  My previously painful area just feels itchy, like I’m teething or something.  *shrug*


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