I don’t know if I mentioned that I’ll be taking a sewing class.  Digum’s mommy and I will be learning how to sew.  We’re planning to sew our own diapering stuff, like wipes, inserts, maybe even diapers.  I brought home my mom’s sewing machine last week.  She taught me that basics of the machine and basic sewing… I think I gleaned some stuff when she worked as a seamstress.  I was super excited to get the sewing machine home (even though it’s an antique)  But because I needed to work on my friend’s work reference, I did not allow myself to starting sewing.  =P  But in between a couple of questions, here and there, I started a sewing project…  shhh…  I drew up a diaper pattern from an existing diaper.  I cut the pattern out.  I traced the pattern on my fabric.  I cut the fabric out.  Then I promised I would not, would not sew until I finished the whole questionnaire.  But when it was super late, my words were coming out all jumbled, and my line of reasoning was shot, I sewed.  It was my first to sew on a sewing machine!  Amazing how I was able to sew but not write… my brain, it’s weird.  I did not have elastic, so it’s just flat.  But the shape is there.  I definitely need more practice.

Now I’m working on sewing up a hat for Boo.  =)


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  1. Cassandra says:

    im excited to see your work =D if the sewing machine’s too ancient for you, you can purchase one on amazon or joanns for really cheap…less the 100 =]

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