Yesterday was a busy busy day.  Boo refused to take his nap before we left the house so he was cranky and clingy as we were getting ready to go out.  It took us an extra 30 minutes to leave the house for church.  When we got to Chinatown, we still had to find parking and “run” to church.  But I still had to buy bao for Boo’s lunch, in case he needed it during service.  Of all days to start Boo on adult food, full-time, excluding his bottles.  =P

I got the bao (+1 for me and another for Hubby)  and found Hubby waiting outside the sanctuary during the pastoral prayer.  We missed the worship time.  =(  We found the nursery to be very crowded, even though the rest of the sanctuary was somewhat empty.  So we needed to fold up our stroller.  This forced us to keep much of Boo’s things with us in the pews.  We took up a lot of room.  =P  Boo did ok during the message.  He wanted to play but was tired.  It was until the last half an hour or so, when he started to fuss.  So I took him into the nursery and fed him his bao.  He ate over half!  I was surprised.

Once service was over, I handed Boo to Hubby and run to my next engagement.  Service ended late.  I was doing registration for our church’s couples retreat.  Though Hubby was teaching Sunday School, we figured it would be easier for Hubby to take Boo because it’s supposed to be his nap time.  Hubby had 45 minutes to change, feed, and bottle Boo in the stroller.  And Boo sleeps his way through Hubby’s Sunday School class.  Ooohhh… But those naughty Sunday School kids were be extra loud even after a timeout from their fun project and woke Boo up.  Slept only 20 minutes!  Boo!  After registration, I found Boo ergo-ed on Hubby’s back.  =)

We left church later than we planned to because there were several last-minute registrations.  Oh wells.  Next, we were on our way to a wedding in Jersey.  My college friends, super cute and romantic couple.  The wedding started at 3pm, but we were still lost at 3!  =(  It was in a part of Jersey that Hubby never been in.  Also, Hubby memorized the county road route, but, of course, those weren’t posted!  We went around and around the same area several times.  It was so frustrating.   We somehow ended up on Main Street of the local town.  There was a traffic cop and he gave us directions.  And what do you know!  That night, when we checked on the internet, that was the way we were supposed to go.  Blah!

We ran into the church with the wedding party just walking down the aisle!  We didn’t even get to change out of our casual church clothes or change Boo.  =P  After the procession, Hubby went to change Boo and discovered the nursery that overlooked the sanctuary.  Nice.  Boo was pleasant during the beautiful ceremony.  Hubby said it was sweet and romantic. =)  Towards, the end, Hubby needed to take Boo upstairs because he was making too much noise.  =P  I could still hear him squealing from upstairs.  hahah.  But according to some friends, they didn’t hear Boo make a peep.  =D  After the couple pronouncement, the wedding party went down the aisle dancing, the guys in shades.  Very slick. =D

As we were waiting for the groups pictures to be taken, we changed into the clothes that we intended to wear for the wedding.  =)  Afterwards, we quickly drove to the reception place, plopped Boo in his stroller with his bottle, and pushed him about for his nap.  Boo fought his nap, but Hubby fought back.  And slept won.  =D  Hubby and I were able to enjoy some good conversation and some yummy food during the cocktail hour.  Towards the end, Boo woke up with a cry and I quieted him down with the offering of yummy food.  Boo gobbled down pasta, manicotti cheese, grapes, watermelon, and lots of bread.  When the doors for the dinner reception opened, people filed in.  By the time, everyone was inside and Boo and I were still eating.  Hahha!  The food was that yummy.  But we cleaned up and went in.

Boo had a funny time looking at all the new and different decorations.  He walked around exploring.  He played peek-a-boo with him self at a column that was covered with mirror on all four sides.  Hahha!  Someone took pictures of Boo having fun.  I gave him my email and hopefully he email me Boo’s photos.  I’ll post them up then.  Sadly I left my camera in the car that was taken by valet parking… =(  I didn’t get any photos  of the wedding or of Boo (or of Hubby).

this is getting long….

Anyways… we had a great day, but busy busy.  So right before they served coffee and dessert, Hubby and I changed Boo into his pjs and nighttime diaper.  We plopped him in his stroller with his last bottle & lovie and we ate our dessert.  That was when the party started.  The room was getting loud, so we kinda ran out.  =P  It was almost 11pm.  We are bad parents… keeping our baby up so late.  Next time… I think we’ll put Boo down closer to his bedtime.  We kept him up so he could eat the entrée.  Hahha.  Not knowing how late it was going to be, I ordered it for him.  I didn’t want it to go to waste.  Boo only ate a few bites and then he refused it.  He preferred to gnaw on the hard bread.  Oh wells.  =)

P.S.  It was the first time Boo was dressed in a shirt and tie.  =)  He had a cute hat to go with his outfit, but he took it off every time I put it on.


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