I turned on the ceiling fan today.  Boo was mesmerized.  He kept looking up at the fan and then at the mirror, reflecting the spinning fan.

Boo refused his previously loved mashed bananas mixed with oatmeal during lunch and his previously loved strawberry yogurt for dinner.  He ended up some random stuff I could find that covered most food groups.

I finally got him to eat. I’m guessing he wasn’t refusing the food, but refusing me feeding him.  I mixed up the mashed banana and oatmeal from yesterday with some strawberry yogurt and extra oatmeal to make it chunkier.  Suctioned the bowl to his tray and stuck a spoon in.  Boo ate it all up!! Mainly with his fingers.  But he happily gobbled up his food.

clean in the beginning

a mess in the middle

all covered in crusty smears in the end.  but no worries, daddy’s bathing him afterwards. =D


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