So yesterday was a Squiggles day.  That means I had 3 babies to take care of.  I am ever so thankful that Digum and Boo have so much independence and a variety of self-help skills.  It totally helps with Squiggles still transitioning to our home care environment.  He still only come once a week, so it’s taking a longer time.

At first there was a lot of crying.  But, soon Squiggles was happier.  He just needed me to hold him. Since he’s still not coming consistently yet, I figured why not let him.  So I basically held him for most of the day.  I laid him down when he was asleep for his nap.  Thankfully, he continued to sleep when I put him down for his nap.  On previous days, he would wakeup and cry.  I also sat him in on a high chair for eating.  And I laid him down to change his diaper.  He did not like it at all when I put him down.  But, eh, the kid needed to eat and he needed diaper changes.  I hope this doesn’t become his thing even when he become more comfortable here.

Hahah… Digum joined us.  =)  Squiggles loved Digum extra attention for him. She gave him toys and gave him pats.  Squiggles gave smiles in return.  =)  Boo just squealed a lot and it made Squiggles cry.  =(

By the afternoon, Squiggles was sitting on his own and playing, with me right next to him.  Sometimes, he would look like he was about to crawl off and get a toy, but he would just sit back down next to me or crawl up onto my lap.  =)  It is such a  contrast from when Digum and Boo comes over for their need of hugs and kisses.

Aside from adding days with us, I’m at a lost on how to help Squiggles feel more comfortable when he’s with us.  Any suggestions on how to help Squiggles feel more comfortable with us?


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